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Carissa, our 'surprise'  paint filly, young daughter of  'Joyful Lady' Savannah.

Birgitta with the Equine family, Carissa, the paint , and 'Joyful Lady' Sanannah, the arabian-quarterhorse

Savannah and Carissa ..

Mother and daughter equine team

Life on the ranch..
Nizhoni Herd

Palomino mare Kaya (means little sister, 6), extroverted, curious and thinks she is a lab dog - Rescue horse due to disabled spine, cannot be ridden, but she runs with the herd like the wind

Black Rocky Mountain gaited gelding Poseidon (means God of the sea,earthquakes and horses) lovingly called Po (16), mighty calm and the king, herd leader with Savannah

Paint mare Carissa (means Grace,18) introverted, shy, and sweet, looks like a paint, has Arabian temperament - if she feels Arabian

Sorrel Quarab (Quarter-Arabian) Savannah (means Grassland, 23)  Mama mare (Carissa's Mom)   experienced and wise, spunky calm boss mare, herd leader with Po