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We are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!  In the meantime read on about the benefits our future Snoezelen therapy room may add to any of the other therapies we offer, especially combined with  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Equine Facilitated Counseling or as its own modality Snoezelen Therapy.  

Sensory processing impairments that are present from birth (or occured through adult life) and follow a person through their life cycle can block the individual’s access to their innate abilities and sense of self. The world can be a menagerie of disjointed and chaotic sensations that create relentless stress on the central nervous system.

At the base of all sensory imbalances is an under or over-functioning central nervous system. These imbalances wreak havoc on an individual’s ability to function within a normal range of abilities.

It is suggested that people who endure sensory processing imbalances gain therapeutic benefit from receiving non-invasive healing modalities such as Craniosacral Therapy. These modality has an overall calming effect on the central nervous system. Regular opportunities for relaxation of the central nervous system can maximize the potential of the physiological, psychosocial and somato-emotional aspects of individuals with mild, moderate and complex symptoms, and be preventative maintanace for a healthy functioning Nervous System. 

Few structures in the body have as much influence over its ability to function properly as the brain and spinal cord. Additionally, few systems have as much impact on the brain and spinal cord as the soft tissues and fluid that surround and protect the brain and the spinal cord. They are referred to as the craniosacral system.

Daily, individuals are bombarded with stimuli that are confusing and overwhelming. This is especially challenging for our clients who have sensory processing issues. Over time these constant stressors cause the soft tissue to tighten, causing distortion in the craniosacral system and resulting in undue pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This undue pressure in turn adversely affects the performance of the central nervous system and can have a domino effect on all the other systems in the body.

The brain and spinal cord, two major components of the central nervous system, require a carefully controlled environment in order to develop and function optimally. The craniosacral system is largely responsible for providing this environment. It is a semi-closed hydraulic system partially made up of the bones in the cranium, face, spine and pelvis. These bones float in cerebrospinal fluid that moves up and down the dural tube in the center of the spinal column. In addition to the bones the reciprocal tension membranes, the meninges, are an important factor in palpation and treatment as is the cerebrospinal fluid itself.

Anxiety, trauma, brain injuries, stress, and imbalances in sensory processing can disrupt the natural craniosacral rhythm.

Individuals who are challenged by imbalances in the vestibular and proprioceptive systems can derive great benefit from adjustments to the craniosacral rhythm that is available through craniosacral therapy. Frequently, even after one treatment there can be marked improvement in the functioning of these two sensory systems.

The effects of  a tranquil place like our future Snoezelen room is of great benefit to stimulate all senses. As it can simulate a 'whomb like enviroment' with calming effects for the nervous system, it provides enough controlled stimulation to get the client ready for daily life activities.  In combination with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Equine Facilitated Counceling or as own modality, it creates the enviroment to access the 'blueprint' in the body, before all trauma or disabilities occured. Accessing this recource, 'the blueprint', our embryological state, will be of great benefits to remind our sytem to let go of encoded (stored) trauma and fosters healing. Clients with severe disabilities will benefit showing less symptoms and improved relaxation.  Snoezelen therapy is benefical for all ages, many symptoms and disabilities, from chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's, Asperger's Syndrome/Autism, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Childhood abuse and a wide variety of other disorders.